ChIP assay / Chromatin immunoprecipitation

The ChIP assay /chromatin immunoprecipitation assay uses an antibody to bind a specific protein or modified protein. In the assay, whichever regions of chromatin that protein is associated with are captured for analysis, typically with qPCR or sequencing.

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) grade antibodies are key to a successful ChIP assay. We provide an extensive range of ChIP antibody products that have been tested and validated for ChIP-PCR, ChIP-chip, and ChIP-seq, and which are cited in thousands of scientific publications. We also provide ChIP assay kits to make setting up your chromatin immunoprecipitation experiment easy, and useful ChIP protocols to guide you through every step from sample preparation to troubleshooting.

The keys to a successful ChIP assay

Antibody validation – all of our ChIP-grade antibodies are carefully validated. We have also developed recombinant rabbit monoclonal antibodies for chromatin immunoprecipitation so you can expect exactly the same performance year-after-year.

Optimization – ChIP assay optimization can be very challenging, to help you with this we provide easy-to-use ChIP kits, to help you get the best results from your first ChIP assay.

Good protocols – Choose the right ChIP assay protocol for your experiment by reviewing our protocols, guides, and tips for success with ChIP. 


ChIP antibody products

​​Browse our range of ChIP-grade antibodies validated for use in ChIP and ChIP-seq including KO-validated and recombinant antibodies.


ChIP assay kits

Our easy to use kits are a great way to perform ChIP and ChIP-seq from a variety of samples and input amounts.


​​ChIP assay protocol

Get the procedure for cross-linking chromatin immunoprecipitation (X-ChIP) with this detailed protocol.


Advanced chromatin immunoprecipitation

Learn some of the latest and most advanced ChIP assay techniques. Including ChIP-loop, ChIA-PET,  ChIP-exo, and ChIP-BS-seq.


Native ChIP protocol

Learn how to perform native chromatin immunoprecipitation with this step-by-step guide including a list of all the reagents you will need.


ChIP troubleshooting tips

Having trouble with your ChIP assay? Take a look at our troubleshooting guide to get tips on low signal, high background, and PCR amplification.