DyLight® Fluorochrome conjugated secondary antibodies

An alternative to conventional dyes.

DyLight® family of dyes

DyLight® fluorochromes exhibit high fluorescence intensity, photostability and water solubility and remain fluorescent from pH 4.0 and pH 9.0. Additionally, the water solubility of the DyLight® fluorochromes allows a high dye-to-antibody ratio to be achieved without causing precipitation of conjugates.

DyLight® fluorochromes have absorption maxima ranging from 350 nm to 777 nm, covering the entire visible light spectrum. Both the absorption and emission properties of the DyLight® fluorochromes are compatible with the excitation and detection wavelengths of common fluorescence instrumentation.

Our catalog includes secondary antibodies conjugated with DyLight® 488, DyLight​® 550, DyLight​® 594 and DyLight® 650.

Fig 1. Emission spectra of DyLight®​ fluorochromes available in our catalog. 

Antibody conjugate highlights

  • Large range of different specificities
  • ​Optimized for conjugate performance - affinity purified or pre-adsorbed antibodies
  • Consistent and stable - stable for 1 year at 4°C, providing consistent performance for the duration of use


  • Bright fluorescence - intense emission provides high sensitivity
  • Narrow emission spectra - negligible bleed-through between fluorochrome channels makes multi-color imaging easy
  • Highly photostable - better resistance to photobleaching
  • Completely stable in buffers ranging from pH 4.0-9.0
  • Instrument compatibility - DyLight® can be visualized with common laser and filter settings

DyLight® dye properties

DyLight® fluorochromes are suitable for fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry.

FluorochromeColorEx/EmSpectraε (​M-1cm-1)Spectrally equivalent dyes
DyLight® 488
493/518View graph70KFITC, Cy2®
DyLight® 550
562/576View graph150KCy3®, TRITC
DyLight® 594
593/618View graph80KTexas Red®
DyLight® 650
652/672View graph250KCy5®

Table 1. Spectral properties of DyLight®​ fluorochromes. 

ε: Molar extinction coefficient at the absorption maximum

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​DyLight®​ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. and its subsidaries. Cy®​ and CyDye® are trademarks of GE Healthcare Limited.