Anti-PEG: RabMAb® products versus mouse monoclonals

​​In both direct and sandwich ELISA assays, Anti-PEG RabMAb®​ primary antibodies show greater affinity and accuracy than other Anti-PEG mouse antibodies (Vendor A, Clone AGP3) when determining the concentration of PEG or PEG-modified proteins. Results were similar whether detecting PEG itself or PEG-modified targets.

Fig. 1b

Comparison of anti-PEG-47 RabMAb® primary antibody (ab51257) and Vendor A mouse MAb (Clone AGP3) in Direct ELISA assay. Goat anti-rabbit IgG-AP used for Anti-PEG-47 detection; goat anti-mouse IgM-AP used for Vendor A MAb detection. Fig. 1a. Direct ELISA using 1 ug/mL of PEG-GCSF. Fig. 1b. Direct ELISA using 1 ug/mL of PEG-IFN.

Fig. 2

Comparison of sandwich ELISA using RabMAb®/RabMAb® antibodies (PEG 47/PEG 47, ab51257) and MAb/RabMAb® antibodies (Vendor A/PEG 47). PEG 47/PEG 47: Plated coated with 5 ug/mL of #47; 5 ug/mL of #47 used for detection. Vendor A/ PEG 47: Plates coated with 100 ug/mL of Vendor A Mouse MAb; 5 ug/mL of #47 used for detection. Vendor A = clone AGP3.

Customer Testimonial

"The relatively high (low nM) affinity of the (PEG RabMAb®​ primary antibody, ab53449)  meant that we could extensively wash the wells of the assay (with PBS no Tween) and not remove the specifically bound Ab – this essentially meant we had a ‘sensitive’ assay with ‘low background levels’ and a ‘good signal-to-noise window."

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