Neuroscience conference and events calendar 2019/20

Searching for a list of neuroscience conferences, meetings, workshops and congresses being held globally? Look no further – we have these events covered. 


19-23 Oct 2019 Society for Neuroscience 2019SFNChicago, USA
24-25 Oct 2019 Science as Storytelling: From Facts to FictionEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
24-26 Apr 2020 NEURONUS 2020 IBRO Neuroscience ForumStudent Neuroscience Society Neuronus & Association of Psychology Students of Jagiellonian UniversityKraków, Poland
6-9 May 2020EMBO Workshop: Microglia 2020EMBOHeidelberg, Germany
11-15 July 2020FENS Forum 2020FENSGlasgow, UK
14-17 Sept 2020The Neurovascular InterfaceEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
21-24 Oct 2020Organoids: Modelling Organ Development and Disease in 3D CultureEMBLHeidelberg, Germany
28-31 Oct 2020EMBO Workshop: Neuroepigenetics: From Cells to Behaviour and DiseaseEMBOHeidelberg, Germany