Question (47116) | Anti-mTOR antibody [Y391] (ab32028)

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Thanks again for getting back to me. Are these other mTOR antibodies
tested to work in rat by abcam? If so can you please send me a few of
their catalog numbers so I can look more into it? Sorry to be picky
about this but we've already tested a bunch of slides already
on this current antibody so I need to be as efficient as possible with
any other ones we test.


Thank you for your email.
I have heard back regarding ab32028:
The lab tested WB on C6 and PC-12 cell lysates as well as on rat brain tissue lysates. They did not test rat tissues in IHC-P.
As soon as I have more information for the other antibodies, I will let you know.
I hope this information is of help to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more advice or information.
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