Benefits of our multiplex miRNA assays

Learn more about our miRNA assays and how they can benefit your experiments.

Our Multiplex Circulating miRNA Assay allows miRNA profiling direct from crude biofluids, including plasma, serum and exosomes, without the need for RNA purification. Find out how miRNA profiling direct from biofluids can benefit your experiment.

​Our Multiplex Circulating miRNA Assay ​ can simultaneously measure up to 68 miRNAs in every well. This approach to multiplexing allows you to save time and sample; however, these aren’t the only benefits that true multiplexed analysis can bring to your experiments.

The Firefly™ Analysis Workbench software is a powerful analysis tool that processes raw cytometer data from the multiplex miRNA assays into publication-ready charts and heat maps. Free download.

​The Firefly™ Discovery Engine helps you find important miRNAs for any topic. Simply insert your keywords and select from a range of species, including human, mouse and fly. ​After scouring scientific literature, the Discovery Engine generates a list of relevant miRNAs ranked according to number and impact of publications.