Multiplex immunoassay sample testing services checklist

Understand the process for requesting FirePlex® immunoassay sample testing services.

Please follow the steps below so that we can quickly test your samples and provide results. 

Please contact us for advice if any of the details below are not appropriate for your study. Please do not send any samples without following these instructions.

1) Contact a member of our sales team providing information on:

By default, we test each sample in duplicate, with every analyte, at the recommended minimum dilution for that sample type. Tell us if this is inappropriate.

2) We will email you a price quotation.

3) Make a final check for your chosen human analytes or mouse analytes that:

  • a) your sample types are supported for those analytes;
  • b) the analytes in your samples are likely to fall within the dynamic range when the sample is diluted at the recommended minimum dilution; and
  • c) none of your analytes are incompatible for measurement in the same panel.

Contact us if you need help to check this.

4) Sign the quote and work order and email it back to us to place your order and confirm that the information on the work order is correct.

5) Our sales team will send your work order to our FirePlex service team and email you with an updated lead time.

6) Download and complete our sample submission form

7) International shipments only (outside the US): download and complete additional shipping instructions and the appropriate human or animal forms.

Please not that failure to properly complete forms may result in samples being delayed at customs.

8) Email the completed sample submission form to

9) On confirmation from our service team, you may ship your samples to Abcam following the shipping instructions. Include a copy of the completed sample submission form in the package. On the outside of the package attach the TSCA / USDA statement if relevant.

10) Email your shipment tracking number to

11) Get your results! Typically it takes us at most 4 weeks from sample receipt to sending you your results. We will email you a PDF report with analyte concentrations, standard curve charts and intra-assay CV%s. We will also include data files for further analysis with our free FirePlex analysis software or with your own software.

If you are interested, you can now design your own custom mouse or human panel request with our quick and easy FirePlex immunoassay panel builder.

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