Firefly particles

FirePlex® Analysis Workbench software: straightforward data analysis

​​Download software and guides for the FirePlex Analysis Workbench.​​​​​

To enable multiplex protein quantification without the need for a dedicated instrument, FirePlex® barcoded hydrogel particles can be read using a standard validated flow cytometer.

Because FirePlex particle technology uses cytometry in a way that no one else does, we developed the FirePlex Analysis Workbench to decode the particles and transform cytometry files into publication-ready graphs and charts. We also added multiple features to ease analysis and allow you to get the answers you need.

  • Automated particle decoding and assignment to analytes
  • ​Automatic calculation of standard curves
  • Output of interpolated analyte values in each sample

​Instructions for software use are included in the assay protocol. The software also has an integrated help system.

  • The software requires a plex file to instruct the software which particle code corresponds to which analyte. We will supply this by email. 

If you want to try the software, you can download a sample plex file, sample FCS file set and plate layout (right click and select "save link" to download).

FirePlex™ Analysis Workbench requires Java 6 or later and Java Web Start (which is usually packaged with Java).

You may receive a warning that an application is requesting access to your system. If you do, check the details of the certificate and click "Allow". This is needed so the FirePlex Analysis Workbench can open your data files.

On a Mac, security may prevent the application from running with a double-click. You can proceed by right-clicking the application and selecting "Open with Java Web Start".

Java Web Start will then securely download and verify the signed application. You may also be asked to allow a shortcut to be installed on your desktop.

On some systems, Java Web Start may ask for permission to access the internet to check for a new version. Although not required FirePlex Analysis Workbench, unless your Java is older than 2006, it is recommended to stay up to date for security purposes.

FirePlex® is a registered trade mark in the United States and is registered as a European Union Trade Mark.

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