Focus panel for miRNA profiling

Quickly and easily profile the miRNAs most relevant to your research area with our focus panel.

Use our convenient miRNA focus panel for specific disease areas and spend less time searching for appropriate miRNAs before your experiment. The panel consists of a set of 68 probes against the most relevant miRNAs, all selected from multiple peer-reviewed studies showing them to be differentially regulated under different disease states.

The panel also contains internal controls to validate assay performance and probes for miRNAs that can be used for normalization between samples, simplifying experimental design.

If our focus panel does not suit your needs, you can build a custom miRNA panel. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

Available focus panel:

Focus panel               FirePlexᵀᴹ miRNA panel
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Easy profiling directly from serum, plasma, exosomes or purified RNA.

The FirePlex miRNA panel needs to be used in combination with the appropriate Core Reagent Kit in order to run the assay. The FirePlex assay Core Reagent Kit is available in two formats:

These products are only available for customers in North America and Europe. If you are outside of these areas please contact us. These products will be available globally in late 2016.

Discover how this innovative technology enables you to profile up to 68 miRNAs per well direct from biofluids - simplifying your workflow and reducing variability.

FIREPLEX is a registered trademark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.

FirePlexᵀᴹ is the new name for our Firefly assays.