FirePlex® miRNA assay: multiplex miRNA profiling direct from crude biofluids

The FirePlexTM miRNA assay enables biomarker discovery and verification studies directly from small volumes of biofluid, without need for RNA purification or pre-amplification. 

A customizable biomarker development platform

The FirePlex miRNA assay is designed for both discovery and verification studies. Select between pre-designed panels for key research areas, larger discovery panels, or design custom panels to detect any miRNA from any species, whether annotated in miRBase or not. 

Direct from biofluid samples

Robust miRNA profiles can be obtained directly from crude sample types including serum, plasma, crude exosomes, FFPEs, cell suspensions, urine and saliva. Measurement directly from biofluids using the FirePlex miRNA assay prevents sample bias, simplifies assay workflow and reduces running time. 

Figure 1.  Assay sensitivity in crude biofluid and purified RNA. To demonstrate the high sensitivity of the FirePlex miRNA assay, we measured the number of miRNAs detected from varying input amounts of pooled human serum or pooled RNA from human brain, lung and liver samples. We robustly detect most targets from the 48-plex panel in as little as 10 µL of serum or 100 pg of RNA​.

Small sample input

Profile miRNAs even when sample is in short supply. Detect up to 65 miRNAs per well with PCR sensitivity from 10 µL biofluid or 100 pg RNA inputs.

Integrated software

To aid custom panel design, we provide an online tool – the FirePlex Discovery Engine. This allows you to perform species-specific literature searches to identify miRNAs implicated in diseases or research areas of interest. 

In addition, our integrated FirePlex Analysis Workbench software enables easy and rapid data analysis, visualization, and export in under ten minutes, and includes key features such as standard curve analysis and publication-quality heat maps and graphs.

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FirePlex™​ is the new name for our Firefly assays.

FIREPLEX is a registered trademark in the United States and is an unregistered trademark elsewhere.