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Choosing a multiplex miRNA assay

Select the correct multiplex assay for your miRNA profiling experiment.

Using FirePlex® particle technology, we have developed the multiplex miRNA assay available for biofluids and purified RNA.

The assay most appropriate for your research depends on the nature of the samples you wish to test.

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Multiplex miRNA assay: miRNA profiling direct from biofluid

Use the multiplex miRNA assay to:

  • Detect RNAs direct from biofluids
  • Work with limited sample availability 
  • Profile low abundance miRNAs

​The multiplex miRNA assay can be used to detect miRNA with high specificity and reproducibility from a sample input of just 100 pg purified RNA or 20 μl biofluid. Whereas miRNA profiling protocols often include an RNA purification step, which can lead to biases in target recovery, this assay is ideal for the detection of miRNAs direct from biofluids including plasma and serum, regardless of purity.

Please note: The multiplex miRNA assay is available as two separate kits, one each for purified RNA and biofluids.

​​Download our assay workflow for multiplex miRNA biofluid assay

​​Download our assay workflow for multiplex miRNA purified RNA assay

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