Cell health

Cell health assay guide

Understand your options when you need a cell viability, cytotoxicity, proliferation, cell cycle, or apoptosis assay

The analysis of cell viability, cytotoxicity, cell cycle state, cell proliferation, and cell death are critical to most cell-based studies.

Understand your options, and choose the right assay to fit your experimental needs.

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Cell viability assay guide
Including MTT, MTS, resazurin and similar assays, mitochondrial membrane potential-dependent dyes, esterase cleaved dyes, ATP and ADP assays, and assays that measure glycolytic flux and oxygen consumption.

Cytotoxicity assay guide 
Including LDH enzyme leakage assays, and membrane impermeable dyes like 7-AAD.

Cell proliferation and cell cycle assay guide
Including assays using dye dilution, BrdU/EdU and DNA staining dyes. These are used to monitor the growth of a cell population, detect generations of daughter cells, or analyze the cell cycle state of a cell population. You can use also these tests to assay cell viability.

Apoptosis assay / cell death analysis guide
Such as Annexin V, TUNEL, and caspase assays.

Remember: no one method gives a perfect view of cell viability, proliferation, or cell death. It is almost always most effective to combine several different methods.