Recombinant and native proteins

Proteins are biochemical compounds that make up most of the cellular weight. They constitute the cells’ building blocks and carry out nearly all processes within them.

Proteins by type:

Cytokines and growth factors

Cytokines are produced by a range of different cell types. They act as important mediators in immune cell-cell communication, where they determine the nature of inflammatory and immune responses.

Products include:

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Enzymes catalyze chemical reactions that make and maintain cells. They bind to one or more substrates and their classification is intrinsically linked to the ligand(s) they act upon.

Human immunoglobulin proteins

Our catalog includes a wide range of immunoglobulin isotypes. Find the right immunoglobulin to accommodate your research.

Microbiology and virology proteins

A wide range of microbiology and virology proteins from different viruses including:


Ubiquitination is an important post-translational modification and was shown to be involved in a range of cellular processes. These include proteolysis of misfolded proteins, DNA damage responses, endocytosis and mitosis.