Question (54128) | Anti-HPV16 E6 + HPV18 E6 antibody [C1P5] (ab70)

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About your questions and suggestions for ab70 antibody, the customer
answers are below:
She did the assay again, changing her protocol as suggest, however the
unspecific staining remains.
1- Her cells are monolayer, and she fixed with PFA for 20 min
2- The staining is correct, and it is strong enough at negative
control. She did a control using only secundary antibody (FITC)- w/o
primary antibody, and it did not stain. See attached ppt.
3- Yes, she reduced the incubation time of primary antibody (2h),
and even so the negative control remained stained
Please, see attached ppt.
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Thank you for your reply.

As we have not previously tested this antibody in ICC/IF, we could not guarantee that it would work for this application, as under our Abpromise we only guarantee it to work in WB, IP& IHC-P.

However, I think that the customer may be seeing some specific staining using the antibody, as although there is a signal in the negative control (without HPV or BPV), the signal in the positive cells is much more intense. Although it is difficult to make a accurate comparison, as the images were taken at different magnification.

To help reduce the background, that is being seen in the negative control, I would suggest the following:

1 - Increase blocking to 10%BSA, for 1hr at room temperature.

2 - Reduce the primary antibody concentration to 1/750, for 2 hrs at room temperature.

Hopefully, the above protocol variations will help to improve the staining that is being seen.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.