Question (9150) | Anti-GABA Transporter 1 / GAT 1 antibody (ab426)

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PRE-SALES ENQUIRY Concerning ab426, the rabbit anti-GAT1 antibody, has this been shown to work in immunocytochemistry/immunofluorescence of primary neurons? And if so, what dilution and in what conditions? Formaldehyde fixed with glutaraldehyde or just formaldehyde-fixed samples? Thanks.


Thank you for your enquiry and your interest in our products. We would like to confirm that this antibody (ab426:Rabbit polyclonal to GABA Transporter 1 / GAT 1) has been tested and characterised for IHC both on frozen and formalin-fixed embedded tissue sections. We have also received a good review stating that ab426 worked nicely on embryionic chick ciliary ganglion. Please take a look at the review section on the datasheet (top panel). If the primary neurons express the target protein, you can use this antibody for IF/ICC. We would suggest fixing the cells in acetone or ethanol rather than in formalin. Try this antibody at 1:100 and adjust accordingly from the results obtained. If you need anything further or any help then please let us know.