Research innovations and licensing

​​Find out about how we can help you market your antibodies with our licensing programme. 

Licensing – an overview

We want to bring your reagents to the market. Commercializing your reagents through Abcam creates value from your innovations, extends the impact of your new reagents as they are made available to the scientific community and provides you with financial reward to support your future research. 

Abcam partner with research institutes, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic companies to develop and market key reagents for research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Our licensing experts combine Abcam’s scientific excellence and industry insights to maximize value and impact for your research and innovations. A significant number of our partnerships have progressed to being influential products in the research community.

To connect with our licensing experts send an email describing your reagent or technology to

Where we can help

We are continually looking for new licensing opportunities including:

  • Hybridoma cell lines for antibody production 
  • Recombinant antibodies, sequences and antibody fragments
  • Proteins
  • Agonists, activators, antagonists, and inhibitors
  • Other relevant product types and technologies

Our aim

Our ambition through partnership is to help advance the global understanding of biomedicine, mechanisms of disease and therapy regime guidance, thereby accelerating the development of new treatments and improved clinical outcomes.  Together, we can achieve more.