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Custom service partnerships

We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. 

Intellectual property and licensing services – a simple path to commercialization

We can provide secure partnerships with the technology inventors because we own or license the intellectual property (IP) behind our antibody discovery platforms. This allows for a simple, worry-free path to product commercialization. Through several strategic partnerships, we can also help to facilitate the uptake of novel biomarkers onto a range of industry-leading diagnostic platforms.

With a flexible and collaborative approach to custom service partnerships, we can offer flexible licensing terms for larger opportunities and highly effective sales marketing channels for out-licensing.

Scientific project management for each custom antibody development project

To support you throughout your project, you will have a dedicated scientific project manager to discuss technical data, assist with troubleshooting, and coordinate the schedule to ensure the best chance of success. We offer regular meetings to give you a clear and timely flow of information. We perform antibody development services across all our platforms. Click on the thumbnail image below for detailed information:

Choose from our range of services throughout the antibody generation workflow and beyond

  • Steps and deliverables for typical antibody discovery programs
  • Multiple methodologies may be used to maximize success
  • Each module represents an invoicing point and data report

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