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I was hoping for some advice regarding your antibodies against both AKT 1 or AKT 2 (separately not pan-AKT). I am interested in blotting for truncated mutants of both and therefore need Abs that recognise sequence as near as possible to the N and C terminals. I have narrowed it down to a couple for each situation and, based on more specific details of the immunogen that you may have compared to what is detailed on your website, I wondered if you could recommend which might be best for my purposes (ie. which will bind closest to either the N or C terminal).


N-term; Either ab25893 “Synthetic peptide, consisting of 16 N terminal amino acids of Human AKT1” or ab64936 “Synthetic peptide (Human) from the N terminal region.”

C-term; Either ab32505 “synthetic peptide corresponding to residues in C-terminus of human Akt1.” or ab6076 “Synthetic peptide mapping to the carboxy terminal domain of human AKT1.”


N-term; ab130255 “Recombinant fragment, corresponding to amino acids 2-149 of Human AKT2”, seems to be the best option.

C-term; Either ab39663 “against synthesized non phosphopeptide derived from human AKT2 around the phosphorylation site of serine 474.” or ab5920 “Synthetic peptide (Human)(C terminal).”

Thanks in advance for your help,


Thank you for contacting us.

All the products you shortlisted seem to be suitable for your work, however, looking at the availability of those products, I would recommend the following one that are currently in stock:
Anti-AKT1 (N-term)antibody (ab64936),
Anti-AKT1 (C-term) antibody [Y89] (ab32505),
Anti-AKT2 (phospho S474) antibody (ab39663),

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