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Question (73853) | Recombinant Dengue Virus 2 NS1 glycoprotein (ab64456)

I'd like to ask information about the dengue ns1. I am wondering how recombinant ns1 is purified e.g. HPLC. Is it a dimer, monomer or polymer? What is its molecular weight? If I have to do the western blot, do I need to do heat/reducing condition?

I have mouse-monoclonal anti NS1 antibodies specific to Den 2 strain (not commercial). I am not sure if the recombinant protein can be bound to these antibodies. Could you please give more details about your product?

This protein is purified by affinity chromatography.

On a gel, it can be seen as a monomer, dimer and polymer. We usually recommend heating samples up to 95ºC in SDS-Page before loading and running the gel in reducing conditions.

The molecular weight we observe is around 40-50 kDa.

The ab64456 Dengue Virus NS1 glycoprotein protein was derived from serotype 2, Thailand strain, however it tested positive with all four serotypes.

Although the sequence is proprietary, we can confirm that it contains all domains except the transmembrane domain sequence. This protein also contains 2x6 His tags, one located at the N terminus and the other at the C terminus.