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Question (48722) | HSD11B1 peptide (ab101097)

Ma filled form that you sent me, you willrecognize the problem that Im dealing with.

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rfor kindly completing the questionnaire.

Reviewing theimage, despite the nonspecific bands there is a well resolved band at the expected molecular weight and it is odd that the blocking peptide did not complete obliterate this band as it had previously. Again, as previously discussed this is difficult to explain.
I understand your concerns, and it is regrettable the results have not been satisfactory for you. Iwould like to offer the following considerations:

1. The blocking peptide should be adjusted in terms of concentration andif youused a 5 fold excess, they may want to try a 10 fold excess which is often what we currently suggest. The blocking peptide should block only HSD1 protein.

2. Possibly there could be another peptide in the sample which is not HSD1 and happens to bind at 34 kDa and thus is still present upon use of the blocking peptide. If the blocking peptide and antibody have been stored for 2 ½ years it is possible that some degradation has occurred also, especially since the experiment was satisfactory at the onset.

3. Could you confirm what dilution of antibody has been tried? We recommend to dilute at1:200 for this application, although this may require some further optimization.

4. Could you confirm the antibody was aliquoted beforefreezing? This is important in order to avoid freeze thaw cycles which can damage the antibody.

As previously discussed, our guarantee period is 6 months. I am sorry, but at this late date after purchase we are regrettably not able to offer a replacement in this case. Wewould encourage customers to contact us as soon as possibleif they experience any difficulties, and to contact us within 6 months.

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Thank you for your cooperation,I would be pleased and interested to hear from you with the results of the suggestions made. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.