Question (40917) | 2,3 cis-Piperidine dicarboxylic acid (cis PDA), Ionotropic receptor antagonist (ab120038)

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1) Can I use PBS to dissolve both substances?
2) How much volume of 1M NaOH should I use to neutralize the solution?
3) Can I prepare a cocktail of both reagents ?


Thank you for your enquiry regarding L-AP4 and cis-PDA. The lab send me the following information:

As we do not currently undertake any of our own research we can only offer advice based on published literature. Both L-AP4 and cis-PDA have been previously dissolved in PBS for use in both rats and rabbits, respectively. It is therefore reasonable to believe that you will be able to use both compounds with PBS in your research. I have attached two papers for your reference.
I can also provide the following information in reference to neutralizing solutions using 1M NaOH.

5.46 μl (1 mg)
54.6 μl (10 mg)
273.07 μl (50 mg)

288.73 μl (50 mg)
1.44 ml (250 mg)

These values can be calculated using the following formula:
{ Mass of compound (mg) x 1000 } / { MW of compound x [NaOH] } = Vol (ml) NaOH
In reference to your third point, unfortunately we have not come across previous literature describing a combination of the two compounds used as a cocktail. Since we do not test these combinations in-house I cannot guarantee any in vivo responses, however it is likely that at reasonable physiological concentrations you should see no adverse effects. Please note that you will need to add enough NaOH to neutralize both compounds.
Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you require further assistance.