Anti-TLE 1抗体(ab125183)


  • 产品名称
  • 描述
    兔多克隆抗体to TLE 1
  • 经测试应用
    适用于: WB, IPmore details
  • 种属反应性
    与反应: Human
    预测可用于: Mouse, Rat, Horse, Guinea pig, Cow, Pig, Chimpanzee, Ferret, Rhesus monkey, Gorilla, Orangutan, Elephant
  • 免疫原

    Synthetic peptide, corresponding to a region within amino acids 175-225 of Human TLE 1 (NP_005068.2).

  • 阳性对照
    • Jurkat, 293T and HeLa whole cell lysates



Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab125183 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

应用 Ab评论 说明
WB 1/2000 - 1/10000. Predicted molecular weight: 83 kDa.
IP Use at 2-10 µg/mg of lysate.


  • 功能
    Transcriptional corepressor that binds to a number of transcription factors. Inhibits NF-kappa-B-regulated gene expression. Inhibits the transcriptional activation mediated by FOXA2, and by CTNNB1 and TCF family members in Wnt signaling. The effects of full-length TLE family members may be modulated by association with dominant-negative AES. Unusual function as coactivator for ESRRG.
  • 组织特异性
    In all tissues examined, mostly in brain, liver and muscle.
  • 序列相似性
    Belongs to the WD repeat Groucho/TLE family.
    Contains 6 WD repeats.
  • 结构域
    WD repeat Groucho/TLE family members are characterized by 5 regions, a glutamine-rich Q domain, a glycine/proline-rich GP domain, a central CcN domain, containing a nuclear localization signal, and a serine/proline-rich SP domain. The most highly conserved are the N-terminal Q domain and the C-terminal WD-repeat domain.
  • 翻译后修饰
    Phosphorylated, probably by CDK1. The degree of phosphorylation varies throughout the cell cycle, and is highest at the G2/M transition. Becomes hyperphosphorylated in response to cell differentiation and interaction with HES1 or RUNX1.
    Ubiquitinated by XIAP/BIRC4.
  • 细胞定位
    Nucleus. Nuclear and chromatin-associated, depending on isoforms and phosphorylation status. Hyperphosphorylation decreases the affinity for nuclear components.
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  • 别名
    • E(Sp1) homolog antibody
    • Enhancer of split groucho 1 antibody
    • Enhancer of split groucho like protein 1 antibody
    • Enhancer of split groucho-like protein 1 antibody
    • ESG antibody
    • ESG1 antibody
    • GRG1 antibody
    • TLE1 antibody
    • TLE1_HUMAN antibody
    • Transducin like enhancer of split 1 (E(sp1) homolog Drosophila) antibody
    • Transducin like enhancer of split 1 antibody
    • Transducin like enhancer of split 1 homolog of Drosophila E(sp1) antibody
    • Transducin like enhancer protein 1 antibody
    • Transducin-like enhancer protein 1 antibody
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Anti-TLE 1 antibody 图像

  • All lanes : Anti-TLE 1 antibody (ab125183) at 0.1 µg/ml

    Lane 1 : 293T whole cell lysate at 50 µg
    Lane 2 : 293T whole cell lysate at 15 µg
    Lane 3 : Jurkat whole cell lysate at 50 µg
    Lane 4 : HeLa whole cell lysate at 50 µg

    Developed using the ECL technique

    Predicted band size : 83 kDa

    Exposure time : 3 minutes
  • ab125183, at 6 µg/mg lysate, detecting TLE 1 in 293T cell lysate by Immunoprecipitation.
    For the subsequent Western blot, ab125183 was used at 0.4 µg/ml (1 mg of immunoprecipitate, 20% loaded in the lane).
    The blot was developed using the ECL technique, with an exposure time of 30 seconds.

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