• 产品名称
  • 描述
    兔多克隆抗体to SFRP1
  • 宿主
  • 经测试应用
    适用于: WBmore details
  • 种属反应性
    与反应: Human
    预测可用于: Cow
  • 免疫原

    Synthetic peptide conjugated to KLH derived from within residues 250 to the C-terminus of Human SFRP1.

    (Peptide available as ab101296.)

  • 阳性对照
    • This antibody gave a positive signal in Human heart tissue lysate.



Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab84003 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

应用 Ab评论 说明
WB Use a concentration of 1 µg/ml. Detects a band of approximately 32 kDa (predicted molecular weight: 35 kDa).


  • 功能
    Soluble frizzled-related proteins (sFRPS) function as modulators of Wnt signaling through direct interaction with Wnts. They have a role in regulating cell growth and differentiation in specific cell types. SFRP1 decreases intracellular beta-catenin levels (By similarity). Has antiproliferative effects on vascular cells, in vitro and in vivo, and can induce, in vivo, an angiogenic response. In vascular cell cycle, delays the G1 phase and entry into the S phase (By similarity). In kidney development, inhibits tubule formation and bud growth in metanephroi (By similarity). Inhibits WNT1/WNT4-mediated TCF-dependent transcription.
  • 组织特异性
    Widely expressed. Absent from lung, liver and peripheral blood leukocytes. Highest levels in heart and fetal kidney. Also expressed in testis, ovary, fetal brain and lung, leiomyomal cells, myometrial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells. Expressed in foreskin fibroblasts and in keratinocytes.
  • 序列相似性
    Belongs to the secreted frizzled-related protein (sFRP) family.
    Contains 1 FZ (frizzled) domain.
    Contains 1 NTR domain.
  • 结构域
    The FZ domain is involved in binding with Wnt ligands.
  • 细胞定位
    Secreted. Cell membrane or extracellular matrix-associated. Released by heparin-binding.
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  • 别名
    • Frizzled related protein 1 antibody
    • FRP 1 antibody
    • FRP antibody
    • FRP-1 antibody
    • FRP1 antibody
    • FrzA antibody
    • SARP 2 antibody
    • SARP-2 antibody
    • SARP2 antibody
    • Secreted apoptosis related protein 2 antibody
    • Secreted apoptosis-related protein 2 antibody
    • Secreted frizzled related protein 1 antibody
    • Secreted frizzled related protein antibody
    • Secreted frizzled-related protein 1 antibody
    • SFRP 1 antibody
    • sFRP-1 antibody
    • SFRP1 antibody
    • SFRP1_HUMAN antibody
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  • Anti-SFRP1 antibody (ab84003) at 1 µg/ml + Human heart tissue lysate - total protein (ab29431) at 10 µg

    Goat Anti-Rabbit IgG H&L (HRP) preadsorbed (ab97080) at 1/5000 dilution

    Developed using the ECL technique.

    Performed under reducing conditions.

    Predicted band size: 35 kDa
    Observed band size: 32 kDa (why is the actual band size different from the predicted?)
    Additional bands at: 52 kDa, 68 kDa. We are unsure as to the identity of these extra bands.

    Exposure time: 12 minutes

    The band observed at 32 kDa could potentially be a cleaved form of SFRP1 due to the presence of a 31 amino acid signal peptide.



ab84003 has not yet been referenced specifically in any publications.


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