Optiblot Blue (ab119211)


  • 产品名称
    Optiblot Blue
  • 常规说明
    Optiblot Blue is a single step Coomassie based gel stain that is specially formulated for ultra-fast, sensitive and safe detection of your proteins. Protein gels can be stained in minutes without the need to wash, fix or destain. Only proteins are stained resulting in well defined blue bands on a highly transparent background. The reduction of background interference results in a better signal to noise ratio and may also have a positive impact on the overall resolution and sensitivity. The Optiblot Blue formulation is non-toxic and does not contain any methanol. Proteins stained using the Optiblot Blue stain are also compatible with mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.

    Manufactured under patent numbers : US 12/226,797 ; SG 201103010-3 ; SG 200807953-5 ; JP 2009-507182 ; IN 5722/CHENP/2008 ; GB 0608377.8 ; EP 10187154.9; EP 07733647.7 ; CN 200780021434.8 ; CA 2,649,835 ; AU 2007245443


  • 别名
    • SDS-PAGE stain
    • WB stain

Optiblot Blue 图像

  • SDS-PAGE image showing molecular weight marker (MW) and His-tag recombinant protein fractions purified in Ni-NTA resin in lanes 1-5 stained with Optiblot Blue. Optiblot Blue was easy to handle and use - just pour a small amount onto your gel and within 10 minutes you can see the protein bands! No methanol and glacial acetic acid - no smell!

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Optiblot Blue is a G250 based stain.

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Thank you for contacting us. OptiBlot Blue is a ready-to-use Coomassie stain that is optimal for obtaining well defined protein bands in a single step. It can be replaced by traditional Coomassie, and be used with the any electrophoretic gel. I hope th...

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