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Anti-Neuroligin 2抗体(ab36602)




Fast track antibodies constitute a diverse group of products that have been released to accelerate your research, but are not yet fully characterized. They have all been affinity purified and show high titre values against the immunizing peptide (by ELISA). Fast track terms of use

应用 Ab评论 说明
ELISA Use at an assay dependent concentration. This antibody gave a positive result in ELISA against the immunizing peptide (ab36601).
IHC-FoFr 1/300.


  • 相关性Neuroligins are cell adhesion proteins that are thought to instruct the formation and alignment of synaptic specializations. The three known rodent neuroligin isoforms share homologous extracellular acetylcholinesterase-like domains that bridge the synaptic cleft and bind beta-neurexins. All neuroligins have identical intracellular C-terminal motifs that bind to PDZ domains of various target proteins. Neuroligin 2 is exclusively localized to inhibitory synapses in rat brain and dissociated neurons. In immature neurons, neuroligin 2 is found at synapses and also at GABAA receptor aggregates that are not facing presynaptic termini.
  • 细胞定位Cell Membrane
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  • 别名
    • KIAA1366 antibody
    • MGC67386 antibody
    • NL2 antibody
    • NLGN2 antibody
    • Ortholog of human and rat neuroligin 2 NLGN2 antibody
    • OTTHUMP00000135277 antibody
    • OTTMUSP00000006214 antibody
    • RP23-422L16.24 antibody
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Anti-Neuroligin 2 antibody 图像

This Fast-Track antibody is not yet fully characterised. These images represent inconclusive preliminary data.

  • ab36602 staining Neuroligin 2 in mouse brain tissue sections by Immunohistochemistry (PFA perfusion fixed frozen sections). Tissue samples were fixed by perfusion with paraformaldehyde, cut into 20 micron slices, permeablized with 0.1% Triton-X, blocked with 5% serum and 2.5%BSA for 60 minutes at 24°C. The sample was incubated with primary antibody (1/400) at 4°C for 16 hours. An Alexa Fluor® 568-conjugated Goat anti-rabbit polyclonal (H+L) (1/1000) was used as the secondary antibody.

  • IHC-FoFr image of Neuroligin 2 (ab36602) staining on Rat Spinal Cord. The sections used came from animals perfused fixed with Paraformaldehyde 4%, in phosphate buffer 0.2M. Following postfixation in the same fixative overnight, the tissues were cryoprotected in sucrose 30% overnight. Tissues were then cut using a cryostat and the immunostainings were preformed using the ‘free floating’ technique. Image A shows the staining observed at the level of the lateral part of the dorsal horn, showing stained lamina II neurons (arrows). Image B shows the staining observed lamina X.

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Anti-Neuroligin 2 antibody (ab36602)参考文献

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Application Immunohistochemistry (PFA perfusion fixed frozen sections)
Sample Rat Tissue sections (Brain)
Antigen retrieval step None
Permeabilization Yes - 0.1% Triton X-100
Specification Brain
Blocking step Serum as blocking agent for 1 hour(s) and 0 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 24°C
Fixative Paraformaldehyde

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Application Immunohistochemistry (PFA perfusion fixed frozen sections)
Sample Rat Tissue sections (Spinal cord)
Specification Spinal cord
Fixative Paraformaldehyde

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