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One-Step sandwich ELISA for faster results

​​Understand the benefits of our one-step SimpleStep ELISA technology and get specific and sensitive results in only 90 minutes. 

The search for early detection biomarkers for human disorders such as cancer, requires an assay that delivers specific, accurate, and sensitive quantification of the target protein in biological matrices. Only ELISA meets the dual requirements of working with crude biofluids and achieving accurate quantification of the target protein.

Faster format

​​​​One novel way to speed up an ELISA is to use a semi-homogeneous format. SimpleStep ELISA®  technology uses a sandwich ELISA format with a unique, streamlined protocol.  The complete analyte / capture and detector antibody complex is formed in a single step, which is anchored to the plate with an immunaffinity tag. Only one incubation and one wash step are needed for SimpleStep ELISA, compared to multiple incubation and wash steps for a traditional ELISA. SimpleStep ELISA results are achieved in 90 minutes, compared to 3-4 hours with a conventional ELISA.

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