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Epigenetics conference and events calendar 2018/19

​​​​Searching for a list of epigenetics conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops held globally? Look no further  we have these events covered.

21–25 Jan 2018 Conference DNA and RNA Methylation KeystoneBreckenridge, US
10–14 Feb 2018 Conference Cancer Epigenetics: New mechanisms, New therapies Keystone Breckenridge, US
15–18 Feb 2018 Conference Epigenetics: From Mechanisms to Disease Fusion ConferencesCancun, Mexico
24–27 Feb 2018 Conference Neuroepigenetics and Neuroepitraanscriptomics Conference Fusion ConferencesCancun, Mexico
25–01 Mar 2018 Conference Non-coding RNAs: Form, Function, Physiology KeystoneColorado, US
23–27 Mar 2018 Conference Chromatin Architecture and Chromosome Organization Keystone Whistler, Canada
16–20 Apr 2018 Conference Chromatin, Epigenetics & Transcription Cold Spring Harbor AsiaSuzhou, China
20–22 May 2018 ConferenceMechanisms of RecombinationAbcamLondon, UK
31 May 2018
Exploring identity: lessons from genomes and epigenomesAbcamParis, France
1-3 Oct 2018
Epigenetics in the nervous system: development and diseaseAbcamStockholm, Sweden