Anti-Cyclin A2抗体[E67.1] (ab39)


  • 产品名称Anti-Cyclin A2抗体[E67.1]
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  • 描述
    小鼠单克隆抗体[E67.1] to Cyclin A2
  • 经测试应用适用于: ICC/IF, WB, ICC, IP, IHC-Pmore details
  • 种属反应性
    与反应: Mouse, Cow, Human, African green monkey
  • 免疫原

    Full length protein (Cow).

  • 表位The epitope for this antibody was mapped by phage selection - selected phage contained the sequence LDYP. This would place the epitope within the region spanning amino acids 144 - 148 of human Cyclin A2. Cyclin As that contain the epitope Cow A2 Human A2 Hamster A2 Mouse A2 Cyclin As that do not contain the epitope Chicken A2 Frog A2 Human A1 Mouse A1 Frog A1
  • 常规说明Few other monoclonal antibodies other than E67.1 are able to immunoprecipitate active CDK/Cyclin A H1 kinase from such a wide range of species.



Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab39 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

应用 Ab评论 说明
ICC/IF Use at an assay dependent concentration. PubMed: 18077453
WB Use at an assay dependent concentration. Predicted molecular weight: 49 kDa.
ICC Use at an assay dependent concentration.
IP Use a concentration of 2.5 µg/ml.
IHC-P Use at an assay dependent concentration.


Anti-Cyclin A2 antibody [E67.1] 图像

  • Cells at stages in the cell cycle from quiescence to mitosis (1-8) were loaded onto SDSPAGE and blotted with anti CDK2 antibody. Note all cells have similar amounts of CDK2. In the lower panel these same extracts were first immunoprecipitated with anti Cyclin A monoclonal E67. In these lanes, only the CDK2 that is complexed to Cyclin A is immunoblotted. Note only the CDK2 in the later stages of the cell cycle is immunoprecipitated, which is when Cyclin A is made, This clearly shows that this antibody is able to immunoprecipitate cyclin A when it is bound to CDK2.
  • ab39 at a 1/100 dilution staining Cyclin A in African Green Monkey COS-7 cells by Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence.
    Cells were fixed in methanol and an Alexa-Fluor 555 conjugated anti-mouse secondary was used at a 1/3000 dilution.

Anti-Cyclin A2 antibody [E67.1] (ab39)参考文献

This product has been referenced in:
  • Ge XQ & Blow JJ Chk1 inhibits replication factory activation but allows dormant origin firing in existing factories. J Cell Biol 191:1285-97 (2010). IP ; Human . Read more (PubMed: 21173116) »
  • Ho KK  et al. Identification of cyclin A2 as the downstream effector of the nuclear phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate signaling network. J Biol Chem 283:5477-85 (2008). ICC/IF ; Mouse . Read more (PubMed: 18077453) »

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Abcam guarantees this product to work in the species/application used in this Abreview.
Application Immunoprecipitation
Sample African Green Monkey Cell lysate - whole cell (CV-1)
Total protein in input 500 µg
Specification CV-1
Immuno-precipitation step Protein A/G

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Abcam guarantees this product to work in the species/application used in this Abreview.
Application Immunocytochemistry
Sample African Green Monkey Cultured Cells (COS-7)
Specification COS-7
Fixative Methanol
Permeabilization Yes - Methanol

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Abcam guarantees this product to work in the species/application used in this Abreview.
Application Immunocytochemistry/ Immunofluorescence
Sample Mouse Cell (Fibroblast)
Specification Fibroblast
Fixative Paraformaldehyde
Permeabilization Yes - Triton X-100 for 10mins
Blocking step BSA as blocking agent for 45 minute(s) · Concentration: 5% · Temperature: 25°C

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