• 产品名称Anti-COMMD1/MURR1抗体
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  • 描述
    兔多克隆抗体to COMMD1/MURR1
  • 经测试应用适用于: WBmore details
  • 种属反应性
    与反应: Human
    预测可用于: Mouse, Rat, Rabbit, Horse, Guinea pig, Cow, Cat, Dog, Pig
  • 免疫原

    Synthetic peptide corresponding to a region within C-terminal amino acids 110-159 (


    ) of Human COMMD1/MURR1 (NP_689729).

  • 阳性对照
    • Human fetal heart lysate.



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应用 Ab评论 说明
WB Use a concentration of 1 µg/ml. Predicted molecular weight: 21 kDa. Good results were obtained when blocked with 5% non-fat dry milk in 0.05% PBS-T.


  • 功能Proposed scaffold protein that is implicated in diverse physiological processes and whose function may be in part linked to its ability to regulate ubiquitination of specific cellular proteins. Can modulate activity of cullin-RING E3 ubiquitin ligase (CRL) complexes by displacing CAND1; in vitro promotes CRL E3 activity and dissociates CAND1 from CUL1 and CUL2 (PubMed:21778237). Promotes ubiquitination of NF-kappa-B subunit RELA and its subsequent proteasomal degradation. Down-regulates NF-kappa-B activity (PubMed:15799966, PubMed:17183367, PubMed:20048074). Involved in the regulation of membrane expression and ubiquitination of SLC12A2 (PubMed:23515529). Modulates Na(+) transport in epithelial cells by regulation of apical cell surface expression of amiloride-sensitive sodium channel (ENaC) subunits and by promoting their ubiquitination presumably involving NEDD4L. Promotes the localization of SCNN1D to recycling endosomes (PubMed:14645214, PubMed:20237237, PubMed:21741370). Promotes CFTR cell surface expression through regulation of its ubiquitination (PubMed:21483833). Down-regulates SOD1 activity by interfering with its homodimerization (PubMed:20595380). Plays a role in copper ion homeostasis. Involved in copper-dependent ATP7A trafficking between the trans-Golgi network and vesicles in the cell periphery; the function is proposed to depend on its association within the CCC complex and cooperation with the WASH complex on early endosomes (PubMed:25355947). Can bind one copper ion per monomer (PubMed:17309234). May function to facilitate biliary copper excretion within hepatocytes. Binds to phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PtdIns(4,5)P2) (PubMed:18940794). Involved in the regulation of HIF1A-mediated transcription; competes with ARNT/Hif-1-beta for binding to HIF1A resulting in decreased DNA binding and impaired transcriptional activation by HIF-1 (PubMed:20458141).
  • 组织特异性Ubiquitous. Highest expression in the liver, with lower expression in brain, lung, placenta, pancreas, small intestine, heart, skeletal muscle, kidney and placenta. Down-regulated in cancer tissues.
  • 序列相似性Contains 1 COMM domain.
  • 翻译后修饰Acetylated by EP300 ina stimuli-specific manner; protecting it from XIAP-mediated proteasomal degradation and required for interaction with RElA in response to stress.
    Ubiquitinated; undergoes both 'Lys-63'- and 'Lys-48'-linked polyubiquitination. Ubiquitinated by XIAP, leading to its proteasomal degradation.
  • 细胞定位Nucleus. Cytoplasm. Endosome membrane. Cytoplasmic vesicle. Early endosome. Recycling endosome. Shuttles between nucleus and cytosol. Detected in perinuclear foci that may be aggresomes containing misfolded, ubiquitinated proteins.
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  • 别名
    • C2orf5 antibody
    • COMD1 antibody
    • COMD1_HUMAN antibody
    • COMM domain-containing protein 1 antibody
    • COMMD1 antibody
    • Copper metabolism (Murr1) domain containing 1 antibody
    • Copper metabolism domain containing 1 antibody
    • Copper metabolism gene MURR1 antibody
    • Copper metabolism MURR1 domain-containing protein 1 antibody
    • MGC27155 antibody
    • MURR1 antibody
    • Protein Murr1 antibody
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Anti-COMMD1/MURR1 antibody 图像

  • Anti-COMMD1/MURR1 antibody (ab116275) at 1 µg/ml + Mouse heart lysate at 10 µg

    Predicted band size : 21 kDa

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