Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1抗体[5F51BB5AG7] (ab110322)


  • 产品名称
    Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1抗体[5F51BB5AG7]
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  • 描述
    小鼠单克隆抗体[5F51BB5AG7] to Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1
  • 宿主
  • 经测试应用
    适用于: WB, ICC/IFmore details
  • 种属反应性
    与反应: Mouse, Rat, Cow, Human, Caenorhabditis elegans
  • 免疫原

    Recombinant Human Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1.

  • 阳性对照
    • Human, Bovine, Rat and Mouse isolated mitochondria; Cultured Human fibroblasts.
  • 常规说明

    This antibody comes with an Incubation Solution which should be used as the diluent for Western blot (the antibody should not be diluted in milk for incubations). The lab has found that diluting the antibody in this solution gives optimal results. Dilute the antibody to 1 ug/mL in neat Incubation Solution before use.

    The following is a quick reference procedure guide for use specifically with ab110322.

    1. Solubilize samples in SDS-PAGE sample buffer.

    2. Heat sample to 37°C for 30 minutes.

    3. Separate proteins on Tris-glycine 10-22% gradient gel 150 V ~ 2 hrs.

    4. Soak gel in 50 mL CAPS buffer for 30 minutes.

    5. Transfer to 0.45 µm PVDF membrane in CAPS buffer for 2 hrs at 0.15 A CAPS buffer : 10 mM 3-[cyclohexylamino]-1-propane sulfonic acid, pH 11 w/NaOH, 10% methanol ice cold throughout.

    6. Block membrane for 3 hrs - overnight in 5% milk/PBS 4°C.

    7. Wash blot 3 times for 5 mins PBS/0.05% Tween-20 with agitation. Followed by a final rinse in PBS.

    8. Antibody diluted to concentration specified in supplied incubation solution for 2 hrs.

    9. Wash blot 3 times in PBS/0.05% Tween-20 for 5 mins.

    10. Incubate blot with secondary anti-mouse antibody diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions in 1% milk/PBS for 2 hrs.

    11. Wash blot 3 times in PBS/0.05% Tween-20 for 5 mins. Rinse blot in PBS.

    12. Develop Blot: For alkaline phosphatase we recommend BCIP/NBT. For horseradish peroxidase we recommend ECL+.



Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab110322 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

应用 Ab评论 说明
WB Use a concentration of 1 µg/ml. Predicted molecular weight: 33 kDa.
ICC/IF Use a concentration of 10 µg/ml. (heat-induced antigen-retrieval improves signal)


  • 功能
    Catalyzes the exchange of ADP and ATP across the mitochondrial inner membrane.
  • 疾病相关
    Defects in SLC25A4 are a cause of progressive external ophthalmoplegia with mitochondrial DNA deletions autosomal dominant type 2 (PEOA2) [MIM:609283]. Progressive external ophthalmoplegia is characterized by progressive weakness of ocular muscles and levator muscle of the upper eyelid. In a minority of cases, it is associated with skeletal myopathy, which predominantly involves axial or proximal muscles and which causes abnormal fatigability and even permanent muscle weakness. Ragged-red fibers and atrophy are found on muscle biopsy. A large proportion of chronic ophthalmoplegias are associated with other symptoms, leading to a multisystemic pattern of this disease. Additional symptoms are variable, and may include cataracts, hearing loss, sensory axonal neuropathy, ataxia, depression, hypogonadism, and parkinsonism.
  • 序列相似性
    Belongs to the mitochondrial carrier family.
    Contains 3 Solcar repeats.
  • 细胞定位
    Mitochondrion inner membrane.
  • Information by UniProt
  • 数据库链接
  • 别名
    • AAC1 antibody
    • Adenine nucleotide translocator 1 (skeletal muscle) antibody
    • Adenine nucleotide translocator 1 antibody
    • ADP antibody
    • ADP ATP carrier protein 1 antibody
    • ADP ATP carrier protein heart/skeletal muscle isoform T1 antibody
    • ADP/ATP translocase 1 antibody
    • ADT1_HUMAN antibody
    • ANT 1 antibody
    • ANT antibody
    • ANT1 antibody
    • ATP carrier protein 1 antibody
    • ATP carrier protein antibody
    • heart/skeletal muscle isoform T1 antibody
    • PEO2 antibody
    • PEO3 antibody
    • SLC25A4 antibody
    • Solute carrier family 25 member 4 antibody
    • T1 antibody
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  • ab110322 at 10µg/ml staining Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1 in cultured Human fibroblasts (fixed and permeabilized) by Immunocytochemistry, followed by a fluorescent goat-anti-mouse IgG.
  • All lanes : Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1 antibody [5F51BB5AG7] (ab110322) at 1 µg/ml

    Lane 1 : Human heart mitochondria isolate at 5 µg
    Lane 2 : Bovine heart mitochondria isolate at 1 µg
    Lane 3 : Rat heart mitochondria isolate at 10 µg
    Lane 4 : Mouse heart mitochondria isolate at 10 µg

    Predicted band size: 33 kDa

    Extra bands in the mouse sample (lane 4) are due to the reaction of the IgG-specific goat anti-mouse secondary antibody with residual mouse blood in the heart tissue, as it is very difficult to entirely remove the blood from these small organs.


This product has been referenced in:
  • Jiang H  et al. The regulator of calcineurin 1 increases adenine nucleotide translocator 1 and leads to mitochondrial dysfunctions. J Neurochem 140:307-319 (2017). WB ; Human . Read more (PubMed: 27861892) »
  • Mustafi S  et al. Ascorbate induces apoptosis in melanoma cells by suppressing Clusterin expression. Sci Rep 7:3671 (2017). ICC/IF ; Human . Read more (PubMed: 28623268) »

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Mouse Tissue lysate - whole (quadriceps muscle)
Total protein in input
100 µg
Immuno-precipitation step
Protein G
quadriceps muscle

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I can confirm that the incubation solution does not contain any blocking reagent and should only be used to dilute the primary antibody ab110322. (1 ug/mL in neat solution.)

The following is a quick reference procedure guide for use...

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Thank you for contacting us.

During development of this product many different optimization step where attempted. It was found that the protocol detailed on the datasheet gave the best results with this product. We highly recommend using t...

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Thank you very much for your interest in ab110322 (MSA02) and sorry about the confusion with the catalog numbers.

To our knowledge, the Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1 antibodyab110322 (or MSA02)has not been tested in immunoprecipitation...

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Thank you for contacting us and your interest in our products. There are a few differentpositive controlsI can suggest for using withthese antibodies.

I can sumarise as follows:

The anti-eNos(phosphoS847) antibody, ab16650,has been ...

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Thank you for contacting us.

I can confirm that the solution is an antibody diluent. The lab has found that diluting the antibody in this solution gives an optimal signal, and they recommend diluting the antibody to 1 ug/mL in neat incubatio...

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Thank you for your phone call.
I have attached the specific WB protocol for ab110322 to this email and am working to have it added to our datasheet. Our MitoSciences team does not have a specific protocol for ab110413, but I have attached their ge...

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Thank you for your call today, and I apologize that we did not already have this information in our notes.
I've gotten in touch with the lab, and this is intended to be an antibody diluent for Western blot. The lab has found that diluting the anti...

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I am very pleased to hear you would like to accept our offer and test ab110322 and ab109864 in IP on mouse tissue. This code will give you 1 free PRIMARY ANTIBODY for each code before the expiration date. To redeem this offer, please submit an Abreview...

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We unfortunately at this time Anti-Adenine Nucleotide Translocase 1 antibody [5F51BB5AG7] (ab110322) has not been tested for use in IP. However, this does not mean that it will not work, just that we have not t...

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