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Question (63751) | Y-27632 dihydrochloride (ab120129)

Dear xxxx,

my colleagues informed me, that in the catalogue was stated, that the product has a shelf life of 12 months. According to you last email, it is less than 12 months and therefore we would need your change notification/statement regarding the shelf life.

Hope this helps you.

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Thank you for your email.

I have checked through our current catalogue and can find no reference to the expiration date. I can assure you that any stock we sell would be guaranteed for its stability at least 6 months following purchase, providing it is stored as is stated on the product vial and the vial is kept tightly sealed.

We would expect the product to be stable for considerably longer than this but we do not have any stability data to support this and cannot therefore guarantee it.

As I mentioned previously, when preparing the compound for use we would advise, wherever possible, to should prepare and use solutions on the same day. However, if you need to make up stock solutions in advance, we recommend that you store the solution as aliquots in tightly sealed vials at -20°C. Generally, these will be useable for up to one month.

Additionally, before use, and prior to opening the vial we recommend that you allow your product to equilibrate to room temperature for at least 1 hour.

I hope this information has been of help. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us again.